Knowing This Photographer - Some Unique Facts About Me

February 23, 2015  •  5 Comments

I spend most of my blogging time writing about my photography sessions and about the amazing people I get to work with. Well, to twist it up a little bit and point the lens at the person that is usually behind the camera, here are some unique facts about me that some of you might or might not.

1. My first name is Amber, which many of you know, but to include something you didn't know would be that my dad named me. This is something that I cherish because my dad means a lot to me. He is a good example of a hard-working, patient, and selfless person.

2. I have three jobs. Yes, three, and no I'm not crazy and yes, I love all of them. I work full time as a high school English and reading teacher. This is now my third year teaching and while it has it's days (as most jobs do), I love it and wouldn't change it for the world. Seeing the dots connect in the minds of the students is a feeling you really can't get from many if any, other professions. My second job is almost full time, my photography business. I started about 4 years ago, although it has really been the last year or two that have really kept me busy. Luckily, it is a passion, so while it is considered a job, I LOVE IT! My third and final job which is usually only two days a week (except for summers when I'm not teaching) is working as a server/bartender at a little local restaurant in Clearwater beach. I enjoy the people I work with, we are outside, I love catching up and talking with the locals. It's a job I haven't been able to leave because I like it that much.

3. One of the only songs I know that includes my name, Amber, is by 311, "Amber is the color of your energy..." which don't get me wrong, I don't hate it.... In fact, any time I hear the song, I am guilty of not being able to change the radio station. 

4. I am OBSESSED with my dog, Niko. He is my fur baby. I love him and I brag about how smart he is. He is currently four and a half and spoiled rotten. If you have ever worked with me, or are planning to hire me, you will I'm sure hear me mention him at least once. 

5. The color purple, orchids, and tiramisu are the way to my heart... but Austin has already won that over, sorry! Also, he makes the BEST homemade tiramisu. I'm a lucky gal!

6. Austin is my second photographer, and long-term boyfriend, and by long term, next month will be 6 years! Please do not ask when are we getting married, because while we know our forever is together, we are not a traditional couple and in our own unique way, we are living our life happily together. 

7. I have a major sweet tooth, there is usually not one moment in a day where i wouldn't take something sweet. For me, it's sweet over savory any day!

8. I love all things beach associated - going to the beach year round (love Florida for this!), pictures of the beach, beach themed decor! 

9. I use way too many exclamation points, smiley faces, and hearts <3 It is so hard to step away from because I'm always excited, happy, or in love with what I am saying or posting! <--- prime example right there

10. I enjoy traveling and seeing the world, but seriously, who wouldn't? I enjoy bringing my camera to new and adventurous places. Some of my favorite landscape pictures were taken no where near here. 

Well that's a wrap. I think 10 unique facts are a great start! Hope you enjoyed this blog!



Amber McWhorter Photography || Tampa Wedding and Portrait Photographer
Thank you LeShayne! <3
Nice to "meet" you. Love these facts! So interesting...and what a gorgeous couple you two make!!
Amber McWhorter Photography || Tampa Wedding and Portrait Photographer
Thank you ladies! I look forward to meeting you soon!
Laura Foote(non-registered)
Nice to "meet" you! I hope to get to know you better through TSS! xoxo, Laura
Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! Your Niko is adorable :)
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