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The Hilltun Wedding.

July 10, 2014  •  1 Comment

Well hi again, everyone! Let's give it up for one special couple, who just so happen to be newlyweds. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Hilltun!

My assistant and second photographer, Austin, and I really enjoyed photographing Linus and Melissa's wedding on June 28, 2014 at Windstar Country Club in Naples, Florida.

Their wedding day was incredible. It started out as a sunny day and of course, the Florida afternoon showers began to roll in. The ceremony was easily moved inside with a view that still over looked the beautiful green golf courses. The electricity began to flicker, and soon enough, all electricity was gone. I was a little worried, not for the sake of the photographs because I knew we could capture what we needed, but I was worried for the bride and the amount of stress this may have caused.

The ceremony continued and I had the opportunity to meet again with the bride and groom and discuss what we wanted to do as far as photography. It had just stopped raining, and the bride was more than willing to go ahead and go outside to be able to get some immaculate photographs. The pictures turned out amazing. There even ended up being a perfect sunset. 

As we arrived to the venue, the wedding coordinator and the Hilltun's met and decided to continue on with the wedding with no electricity, no music, no lights, and no AC. Melissa was the most calm bride I had ever seen. I'm not sure if she was upset on the inside or anything, because her composure exemplified that she was a bride that was happy to have just married the love of her life.

Dinner was served over candle light which I thought set a nice romantic mood. The newlyweds were so happy with their day, they did not let any of the small issues damper their mood. This was truly a unique experience for me, and I am happy that Melissa and Linus did not let anything change how special their day was. 


I wish Mr. and Mrs. Hilltun many more years of love and happiness!!



Melissa Gianella-Hiltun(non-registered)
How beautiful your words and the pictures! Amber, Thank you so much for such as wonderful job!
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