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The Lynn Wedding Reception.

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Welcome back blog readers and followers! I said it before and I'll say it again: Congratulations Shawn and Brittany! I am so excited and happy for the two of you. I love seeing Brittany so happy and complete and I love that I officially now can call Shawn part of the family.

This was an amazing day with a unique story behind it, but before I get into all the fine details, I first want to acknowledge a few people and businesses that contributed to the Lynn wedding.



Cake: Cakes by Nikki, LLC

Ceremony Location: The Family Cabin in Whittier, NC

Reception Location: Stone Lake Ranch Lodge, Thonotosassa, FL

Wedding Planner: None other than the bride herself, Brittany Lynn

Caterer: The groom’s mother, Kimberly Lynn

DJ: Jeff with Grant Hemond Associates

Florist: The bride and her maid of honor, Britton Holley

Videographer: Ben Bradley with Right Hand Films

Photographer of the Ceremony: Alisha Larkin

Photographer of the Reception: A. Shaffer Photography – Amber Shaffer & Austin McWhorter



Now, Shawn and Brittany did not want an average, typical wedding because that is not the type of couple they are. The high school sweet hearts decided to have a very small intimate ceremony in Whittier, North Carolina on November 25, 2014 at a cabin owned by Brittany’s extended family. Both the bride and groom’s families were there along with the best man and maid of honor. A few special guests also attended to witness Shawn and Brittany becoming husband and wife.

The bride and groom decided to do first looks with each other. They were very happy with this decision. As Brittany says, “…I got a lot more nervous than anticipated. As the day grew on, the more nervous I became. After the first look, I was calm, ready, and excited for the ceremony and I realized I was mainly nervous just to see Shawn. Later, when Shawn and I talked about it, he said he felt the exact same way.” While I was unable to attend due to business and work, Ben of Right Hand Films attended and captured an astounding video that was shown at the reception. This gave the couple a chance to see and relive their special moments. (Brittany, in speaking about first looks when watching the video), “For me, that was really special because I felt like you could see our entire relationship in that brief moment. It was just pure emotion, no acting or worrying if someone else was around.”

The reception was in Thonotosassa on December 27, 2014. What a great day we had at Stone Lake Ranch Lodge! When Austin and I arrived, we found Brittany getting the last bit of her hair and make-up done and Shawn running around the venue getting last minute details in place. Shortly after we arrived, Ben showed up and played the ceremony for Shawn and Brittany for the first time. I loved seeing and capturing their reactions. It was another priceless moment for them. The wedding was flawless and the reception was a blast! Everyone loved the food catered by Shawn’s mother, Kim as well as his grandmother. Brittany and Shawn danced their first dance to Can’t Help Falling in Love covered by Fleet Foxes. For any of you that are planning a wedding, here is a bit of advice from the bride, “Just don’t sweat the small stuff. Tell yourself in the beginning that if anything goes wrong, it doesn’t matter because the end goal and most important thing is that the two of you are getting married. I think when you go into it with that mindset, it makes for a much more positive experience…. As long as you love it, that’s all that matters.”

The whole day was marvelous. Join me in wishing the couple the perfect marriage!

Without further adieu, Mr. and Mrs.Lynn!



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